They already share their experience, and you?

Antoine Boulland | France

I didn't know anyone in London so came alone, just met lovely people, from all over the world and very welcoming, couldn't expect better ! And what about the pizzas and free shots, so much fun :))

Marta Gemeno | Spain

Had a really good time with the guys!! Totally recommended! Best shots!

Vanessa Marcon | Brazil

The best shots and pizza! I had a great time and met amazing people. I recommend! Thank you!

Balint Bajnoczki | Hungary

This was my first time BarHoppin in London, I've been living here for 2.5 years and never had so much fun as tonight!!! For st. Patrick's day we got stickers, facepaint, green hats, shots, pizza and the organizing was just great. 1 place was just basically a gathering pub, nothing special.
The 2 nd place, we had our own hired floor/stage with a bar, dj, lovely security lady*. 3rd place was Rumba: good dj, crowded place though, but the bar girls were hot...4th and last stop was Piccadilly Institute: 3 stages across 3 floors, we had rnb/hiphop, deephouse/lighyelectro, and hand-up/oldscoolelectro. We received free shots everywhere, all in all it was great! I'll definitely will go next time.
Ohh, and the organizer crew was great! They were fun, happy to be there, helpful. That's what I want to see when I go out for a night.

Isabela Martins | Brazil

I was visiting London some days, and i went out with the barhopping, thanks for everything i have amazing night. Arriba, abajo, al centro, adentro!!! :)))

Nicolás Milossi | Argentina

I love the people that work here! had a great time! Nice Photos, music and... Nice Pizza!!!

Claire Lamartine| France

3 bars and a party in one night! Couldn’t be better! It was awesome, good to drink and meet some friends!!

Marco Venditti| Italy

This barhopping clearly take the winning price. If you are in London, by yourself or with friends, do yourself a favor and come to have amazing party with people from all over the world!!!

Sofia Ramírez | Costa Rica

I show up with my friends and we took so many shots! I recommend this to everybody that wants to try something different than just going to a bar, totally worth it.

Juan Barsallo| Spain

Just have meet a lot of London with new friends! Great experience, I will come back to barhopping! Thank you so much!